SWR on Target With The Opening of Two More Tihama Stores

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It’s just 13 months into Stuart Wilson Retail Ltd’s secondment commenced in Saudi Arabia, and the results the company have produced so far are being met with delight, by Tihama Book Stores’ senior management team.

Director of SWR, Stuart Wilson, said “Working as Head of Operations is an extremely challenging, but enjoyable and rewarding, task.  There is an enormous amount of logistical and strategic work involved across the board, from the initial acquirement of the site where the store is to be located, shop fitting and layout design, stock allocation and the full range of personal recruitment as well as delivering policies and procedures in line with local legislation.  This is where we, as a company, excel and put our expertise into force.  To see another two stores open is a fantastic feeling for everyone who’s been involved.  In addition, we are extremely pleased to announce that both stores have traded exceptionally well smashing their targeted business plans.

With two Tihama stores now fully open and successfully trading, Stuart Wilson Retail Ltd has now entered what is known as the Back to School period, with the company being help in a very strong position.

You may or may know that Sunday 23rd September was Saudi Arabia National day. This resulted in the whole country entering into celebrations with Tihama by participating with a range of special offers and some fun events.

Progress with social media also saw significant steps made with the Tihamastore Instagram account managing to increase its audience fourfold, to over 8000 followers, with significant improvements still being made.

Watch this space as further announcements are expected to be made during in November and December.

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